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Spark Shot neared Helen’s capsule but stopped in his tracks when he noticed the lights appear in her horizontal capsule He picked up the pace, racing towards her but was too late Helen disintegrated the glass, juood sight of her kidnappers Spark Shot stood fifteen feet fro at her“Am I weak!” He shouted at the first victi screaht manyfrouards and prisoners didn’t stop him He continued to whale on the first victim until he was finished with her He then sat down the second victi, and started to whip her“Oh, the Vault Security brought you here They’re crazy I was crazy once… Anyways, are you interested in learning about Jesus?” Helen tilted her head, raising both eyebrows Is she okay? Why is she so energetic? She thought to herself “Uh…” She directed her stare to the blonde celletic and du to her side, away from Helen and Cat “So mean… but it’s true” She whispered the second half of her sentence“Okay, do you want the bottoet both or the one under them” One under it? What’s under the bottom bunk? Wouldn’t it be just concrete under the floor? Or is there an actual bunk under the floor? Helen thought to herself Cat was overwhel her out after a fewback to her bed and instantly falling asleep The cell was filled with her snoring Helen was even more perplexed by Cat’s actions It was as if she was the queen of randoht out loud “That? That was Cat You can ignore her” The blonde cellmate saidCurrently, there are 2 out of 3 install