The Happy Haven

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The Happy Haven
Author: James Gerard
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For young Bill, the one tiood After graduation from one of the finest universities in the world, he and three of his fellow prodigies are hired by a private business consortium The consortiu an advantage in the world of business What they are asking Bill and his friends to do is to create a e, and in return have been proinations But one day, Bill, on a rest and relaxation period, receives a e asks him for an answer to a question by which the machine they successfully constructed can be tested for reliability The question, however, is one that Bill finds annoying It is a question for which he knows there is no truthful answer, and worse, goes well beyond the nature of science The question also begins to wear on his conscious, and before long, soins to make sour the sweet, sweet life he lives What that question is and how Bill arrives at the answer just ht be found at The Happy Haven