South Wind(Fiscle Part-3)

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South Wind(Fiscle Part-3)
Author: Norlas
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The Bishop Was Feeling Rather Sea-Sick Confoundedly Sea-Sick,In FactThis Annoyed Him For He Disapproved Of Sickness In Every Shape OrForm His Own State Of Body Was Far From Satisfactory At That Moions--Had PlayedThe Devil With His Lower Gastric Department And Made Him Almost AnInvalid; A Circu ThatIll-Health Led To Inefficiency In All Walks Of Life There Was NothingHe Despised More Than Inefficiency Well Or Ill,He Always Insisted OnGetting Through His Tasks In A Businesslike Fashion That Was The WayTo Live,He Used To Say Get Through With It Be Perfect Of Your Kind,Whatever That Kind May Be Hence His Sneaking Fondness For TheNatives--They Were Such Fine,Healthy Animals